PRAY TEAM JESUS! COVID-19 Shuts Down Pork Plants in Minnesota and Iowa


“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33


Praying over Windom (my hometown that I love so very much) and Worthington Minn. The Pork Plants in both towns have shut down for now because of COVID-19. This affects hundreds of people, all the workers, all the hog farmers and local economies! Please keep this in your prayers! So many people hurting.

Many farmers are already hurting big time back home.

Windom Pork Plant Closure

Windom and Worthington, Minn. Pork Plants Closed

Now we get word that Tyson has closed a huge Pork Plant in Iowa.

Tyson Closes Iowa Pork Plant

Hormel Mexican food joint venture closes Texas plant because of COVID-19

Hog Farmers Hit Hard By COVID-19, Please pray for all

Dave Ramsey says it’s time for everyone to take a deep breath — and to remember that as bad as the COVID-19 pandemic has been for individuals and businesses alike, it will indeed come to an end at some point. Dave Ramsey “This too shall pass”

My post from earlier today, COVID-19 Cases leveling off in New Mexico!

All Praise and Glory to God!

This is on my heart and mind this morning as you give you what God has given me to share……

A hurting woman was saying Monday night on Facebook that her loved one died of COVID-19 and she wanted people to know this is a very serious situation. She stated every life matters. So much hurt and grieving going on in this world we live in. I pray that all will come to know Jesus through this. I pray that all come to know that God is God through our great times and our very bad times. I praise God through the good times and bad times, if I just praised Him during the good times and not my bad times I would not be a good Christian, I would be a hypocrite. Every life matters to God. We were never promised a rose garden here on earth but with Jesus we are promised eternal life with Him! Live for eternity, love and care about every single person. Politics will not get you to Heaven.

I mourn for the families that have lost loved ones during this time. I grieve with you.

I pray for all that have lost their jobs during this time! My heart goes out to you and yours.

God is my God in my good times and tough times. I hold onto Him.

It is so evil that abortions are still happening in New Mexico! Babies are being killed every month here. My heart breaks for every baby.

When this awful hate and division ends in America our Nation will begin to truly heal, but not until then. Pray for unity in America! Pray for a Great Awakening! One Nation, under God! Amen!

PRAISE GOD! COVID-19 Cases Leveling Off in New Mexico

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