UPDATE: NM State Officials Say Milne Stadium Helipad Will Not Be Used to Bring in Arizona COVID-19 Patients


We are praying For good health for all!


How  on earth does it happen that an Arizona Newspaper and a Company in Albuquerque report that this was going to happen?

I don’t think we have heard the end of this story………

KOB TV Reports:

The Arizona Republic’s article, which has since issued a correction, was originally shared by many concerned New Mexicans.

State officials say Milne helipad will not be used to bring in Arizona patients

From Yesterday:

The parking lot of an Albuquerque football stadium has been quickly transformed into a helipad in preparation for an anticipated influx of COVID-19 patients from northern Arizona and the Navajo Nation.

azcentral report here

From earlier today from John Thurman:

FGGAM NEWS just received this news release from our Dear Freind John Thurman (pictured above) of Albuquerque, NM:
Who would have thought that we’d be in the midst of the COVID-19 Mess!
In spite of it all, I know that you are making the most of it. There has been some good news this week! In some places it appears that the death rate has peaked.
Be praying for my freinds who work for the Indian Health Services on the Navajo Nations, they have been particularly hard hit.
This weeks post COVID-19: 4 Phases of Recovery is meant to give you a dose of hope and a guide as to what is to come. I hope you find it encouraging!
Over Easter I penned Easter, Corona, and New Hope! This piece, while discussing Easter is really more focused on what lies ahead!
What plans are you making for you business, ministry, personal life and family life? I sincerly hope you are leaning into what lies ahead. Why. Because I believe that there are some exciting times just around the corner. Those who are ready will reap the rewards!
If you are people helper here is a free webinar Cognitive Behavioiral Therapy…Brief Interventions During Times of Crisis. Don’t let the title intimidate you, there are some great tools in this free, one hour video.
One more link that I hope you will find helpful. One of the issues people have when they are stresses is the lack of sleep. My friend, psychologist, and Performance Coach, Dr. Nick Lazirus has a great link that will help you move into a good’s night rest. 
Be sure you listen to Randy Newman’s new song, Stay Away, very appropriate for these days.
Next week I will be sharing some things that leaders need to be doing as they prepare to open up thier businesses.
Be safe, keep you distance, and wash your hand.
John Thurman

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