NM Governor Lujan Grisham Extends Emergency Order to May, Remember: Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer



First of all I want to thank Governor Lujan Grisham for her leadership during this very tough time. We are in uncharted waters. The goal is to save lives, every life matters. My Dad fought in WW II, SGT. U.S. Marines, came back home, became Assistant Fire Chief for years, Grandpa Moede was a firefighter as I was in Osceola, Indiana for a time. I was taught years ago that I would go into the depths of hell to save a life. Back in the day before air tanks, firemen would soak a sponge in a bucket of water and stick it in their mouth and go into the fire. I have told the Lord, that as a Pastor I will do the same to save someone from hell. People that I trust so very much from both sides of the aisle have been supportive of how the Governor has led the fight against COVID-19. Please pray for our Governor and all those assisting her in making very tough decisions. Continue to pray for all First Responders, our daughter Gretchen is on the front lines as a Repository Therapist. Now is the time for unity, not politics. We continue to pray for all. I am getting reports this morning from friends of FGGAM from California, West Virginia and Albuquerque that have concerns for loved ones that have been affected by this pandemic. I heard from a woman in Albuquerque whose son works in Coasta Rica, her got pneumonia, Our friend Diana in Albuquerque had her lease canceled as she had to close her business because she owns a non-essential business and the Landlord wants to rent it out. Many people are hurting. Also from Albuquerque, some people are getting notices that their insurance will not cover them for the COVID-19 if they get it at work. I am blessed with many friends that I can pick up the phone and get their take on this world we live in. All our Christians. I talked to a Financial Adviser yesterday here in Albuquerque, I have known him for years, I trust him, he said we have not hit bottom yet financially. It will be a long recovery, what will America look like in 3 months? People ask me, “When do you think things will get back to normal?” Remember, normal is just a setting on your dryer. We are in trouble financially in this country as we are living on monopoly money, our Federal deficit is way out of control, we are soaked in red ink from head to toe. This stimulus package that was passed, is just a little squirt gun trying to fight a raging wildfire. The folks in D.C. will pass another one, full of pork and monopoly money. For years the folks in D.C., BOTH DEMS AND REPUBLICANS,  have avoided dealing with the deficit and now that we are in deep, deep trouble as a nation, we are broke, because we were not good stewards. We did not save for a rainy day, we got very greedy as a country. Now we are praying a very deep price and will continue to do so.

Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2

All this is a huge reason why we PREACH JESUS! AMEN! JESUS IS THE ANSWER NOT POLITICS! We as a country have not followed Biblical principles in many ways, money and abortion, etc….

Politics is an abomination! We are living proof of it!


NM Gov. Extends Emergency Order to May 1


I cannot to many of the duties I have as a Pastor, but I am going out again into the boondocks and run with Daisy again this morning! It is a great time to see God’s wonders and seek His face and His ways and be with my girl Daisy and get some awesome exercise. BLOOD SUGAR DOWN TO 99 THIS MORNING! God healed me of diabetes, I am doing my part by running, walking, eating right and drinking plenty of water and seeking God’s ways in everything I do. Take care of you temple, your soul. God is my everything! I pray HE IS YOUR EVERYTHING!

Our social media efforts have grown over this time. Our readership and listenership has increased much, we are up early everyday and keep our eyes on ther news you need to know. Please pray for us. God put us here for such a time as this.

Here is the good news from Pastor Paul Holt of of the First Baptist Church in Magdalena, NM:

At the risk of stating the obvious, we live in troubled times. Christians and especially those in ministry should understand that for the last few decades we have had it fairly easy compared to those who came before.

Jesus warned that we would have trouble or tribulation:

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

Now is not the time to lose heart but rather, now is the time to look at how we can best obey the Lord in reaching this world for Christ while obeying the authorities placed over us.

When I read of church leaders being arrested for holding church services, my natural aversion to government is activated.

There should be concern for religious liberty even during a time of emergency such as this.

Of course, we want to obey the command in Hebrews to not forsake the gathering of ourselves, while balancing the instruction of Romans 13 to submit to the governing authorities and the use of quarantine in Leviticus 13.

Pastors should always look to the health and safety of their respective flocks and recall that the Lord provides for the needs of His people.

We live in an amazing age where we can meet for bible study on the internet but we can also use older technology to meet just a little bit closer without violating the social distancing orders issued by governors and mayors.

Last week, I was reading several articles proposing ideas that churches could try for Resurrection Sunday. One idea really appealed to me, using a legal low power FM transmitter to hold parking lot services where people tuned in on the car radio.

The great thing about this idea, as you can imagine, is that people can still see one another without violating the social distance directives.

So, I started searching for a solution for our church. With the help of Kevin at the New Mexico Baptist Convention, I found a transmitter for just under $60! I didn’t think it would arrive until after Easter but the Lord moved it along and it arrived today!

I will test it out tonight and verify how far along the parking lot it will broadcast but I believe this is a good solution in this difficult environment.

This will be one of many ways we can reach people for Jesus. Already, we have people joining us on Zoom from outside Magdalena and the state. The Lord will use these times in great and mighty ways.

We should not allow the pandemic to stop the Great Commission but look for opportunities to be overcomers.

Nothing is Going to Stop Us

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