Memories of Resurrection Sunday 1992


It was on Resurrection Sunday April 19th, 1992 when I got a call at 3am from my brother Daryl that our Dad, Wally had a sudden heart attack and passed into the arms of Jesus. My world was shook like it never had been. Dad was my hero! A servant of many! Then on Jan. 9th, 1995 Mom, Ruth Irene Moede passed into the arms of Jesus, my hero! Sweet Mommy also was servant of many in Windom, Minnesota. Dad as U.S. Marine SGT WW II, Head Usher at the American Lutheran Church, Bus Supervisor, Assistant Fire Chief. Mom was head cook at Winfair School and Dad’s top assistant in all matters. This was before Dad and many had cell phones, she took so many calls during the day for Dad. Both school and Fire Dept.related biz. Us kids, me, David, Deb and Daryl grieved hard and deep….as we loved our folks so very much, both passed at age 64. Dad had just filed his retirement papers. I beleive to this day that Mom died of a broken heart, she had cancer, but extreme stress can bring it on according to her oncologist at the time. Mom and Dad built my foundation of my Christian life. Honest, loving and hard working as one could be! I miss them to this day, but I carry on with them in my heart, mind and soul, knowing I will see them again. The main reason I am a preacher is because I want every child to have the childhood I had, I want every child to grow up with the love of Jesus!

Years ago on KDOM Radio in Windom the Methodist Church Pastor was on the air and he said, “Wally Moede is God’s Angel looking after our children.”

I want that said about me when I finish my running my race for the Lord.

The picture at the very top is Mom and Dad’s wedding picture, Dad taking care of children driving bus, which he loved, their grave site, Dad serving in WW II as a SGT. in the Marines, Mom’s graduation picture and then a picture later on in life……..

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