Many Radio Stations Have Signed Off The Air Since The COVID-19 Pandemic


We are praying this morning over all the radio stations in America. Many are having a huge struggle, just like many of us. It breaks my heart to see stations sign off the air, many will never comeback on the air. I have been in radio since 1978, I still do radio programming, ‘House of Hope’ which is heard on five radio stations in southwestern Minnesota, parts of northern Iowa and eastern South Dakota. Local radio is so very vital to America. We are also praying for all ther local newspapers.

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30 million have sought US unemployment aid since virus hit


April Saw A Big Spike In Stations Going Silent. Many Cited Coronavirus As The Culprit

They were told by e-mail yesterday that if they make over $50,000, and have not already volunteered to take a 5% pay cut, they will be required to take two weeks off without pay. [read more]

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