How to lose a friend


If you’ve lived on this earth very many years, you realize that there’s actually countless ways to lose a friend. Some leave this earth for a better place, some leave this earth and we’re not really sure of their eternal state, and then there are those who live on, just not in our world. They live in a world all their own. This morning I experienced the latter, while my friend Dewey lost a dear friend to Heaven. I can’t be sad for his friend, but my heart aches for Dewey’s loss of earthly fellowship. But I’d like to focus (just for a minute) on my friend in her new world.

She wasn’t a close friend, but we had had many spiritual conversations, until one day i realized she’d “unfriended” me. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided I’d stalk her social media page to see what her life currently looks like. I was shocked but not (you know what I mean?)

When we were “friends”, her spiritual questioning of me was always a little haphazard. I was never sure if we’d be friends by the end of the conversation because her questions always seem loaded. So when she disappeared from my feed, I wasn’t surprised. Folks who are more concerned about getting their questions answered by men rather than God tend to fall out of sorts with most of the people they question. And, I think, that they don’t ask God because the undeniable truth is too much, and unarguable. So they ask folks like me, and then question my wisdom. Which is not an insult. I am only human. But back to the point of this blog…

On this dreary, West Virginia, Sunday morning, I needed a little sunshine in my ❤️ heart. So I ask the question, “How do you lose a friend?” I mean, what’s the proper way? The answer, regardless of whether or not you’ve lost the friend in death or life is the same, “In Christ.” I’ve lost so many friends to eternity, and praise God, because of the circles I travel, most of them have been “in Christ.” Glory to God! Our parting is only temporary, and the next time we’re together will be the last of our separation. It will be for all eternity! Amen? amen!

Dewey’s friend, Glen Strock. was a Cowboy preacher and Pastor. A minister of God serving in New Mexico. He and Dewey shared a common bond as brothers in Christ, each with their own mission field in that territory. Glen went the way we all will if Jesus doesn’t return in our lifetime, but the most important part of his departure was the fact he continued to serve Christ. I know that even in his ill health he continued to encourage Dewey, because that’s what friends “in Christ” do. We encourage one another. That’s not to say we never have differences of opinion. What it says is that regardless of differences, we are common in Christ. In the spiritual matters of this earth.

Acts 2:44 KJV

And all that believed were together, and had all things common;

In this day and age, with all the information overload, it’s so easy to get off track with what’s “common.”

The friend that disappeared from my Facebook feed, disappeared back into the world. I am, and will continue on, in Christ. Whether or not she has a relationship with Christ, I’m not sure. When I look at her current feed, it’s filled with talk of wine and men. Neither of which draws me to the conclusion that she is “in Christ.” At one point it was filled conversations of going to church, and scripture references. So how does one get so far off track? I blame information overload. It’s why I try my best (and it’s not hard) because in the words of my friend Attorney Tony Morgan… “simple people have simple ways.”  And so I stay focused on simple gospel truth.

It’s true.

And if one has to lose a friend in this world, the proper way is to stay “in Christ.” That way should your friend ever need you, they’ll know where to look.

She wasn’t the first person who has unfriended me on social media, nor will she likely be the last. Jesus said if the world hated Him it would for certain hate us. So at least I’m in the greatest of company.

Today is Sunday, and I’m declaring it “bring a friend to Church day.” Call, message or share one of the many services online with a friend. Just because you’re not in the same building doesn’t mean you can’t share in the same service! Blessings!!! And stay well and safe friends!

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