Clara Nelson: “I’m 93 and Happy as I Can Be!” The Great Depression and WW II Rationing


This morning I had a wonderful prayer time by phone with my Dear Sister in Christ Clara Nelson, 93 years young! Clara is from my wonderful hometown of Windom, Minnesota! Clara is such a prayer warrior for the Windom area! Clara was telling me this morning that everything is going good at Pine View, the assisted living home she is at in Windom. We were praying together this morning and after we got done I asked her about World War II and the sacrifices Americans made at that time. Food, gas, tires, etc… were rationed as the Country came together to fight World War II. Clara said she is 93 and happy as can be. She spends most of her time writing and praying for you all in the Windom area.

Clara graduated from Bible College in 1948 in Minneapolis and then met her future husband Leo when he came back from the war. Clara encouraged me to keep sharing Jesus with all and show the light and love of Jesus. Clara shared with me that they can have no visitors and Pine View and only 3 can eat together. I encourage you all to call folks like Clara and talk with them, pray with them. They will encourage you more than you encourage them, I guarantee that!

My Dad would be 91, Wally Moede Sgt. U.S. Marines World War II. Passed away on Easter Morning of 1993. My dad grew up in poverty during the depression, cardboard for the bottom of his worn out shoes, eating cheese they would bring home in a wagon from the Armory. Eating from his Mother’s garden…all 13 kids! When Dad was 17 he enlisted in the Marines, became a SGT. in 6 months!

We can all learn from the WW II generation, they are passing away quickly. I am thankful I have and have had many dear friends from the WW II generation. They are all such wonderful testimonies to me!

Sacrifices from millions enable us to live in America this day. I know times are very, very tough, but look back on our history as Americans and be renewed in your faith of God and Country.

The Great Depression

Sacrificing for the Common Good: Rationing in WWII

Pictures of are of My Dad in WW II, stationed near the Great Wall of China and Dad and me when he was on the Windom Fire Department, Asasistant Chief around 1978, and me and Clara.

PS: One of the two Cross that Burch Dunnick built for the Windom Revival still resides at Pine View! Clara says they are so blessed to have it at Pine View! The other one is in my office! Thank you Butch! Love you and Pat! Miss you two very much!

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