America, Bless God!


If you do not stand strong for God you become part of the dysfunction in America. Years ago at a Pastors Conference in Albuquerque one of the speakers said, “We should stop saying God Bless America! God has blessed this nation, it is time for America to Bless God!” Amen!

I know this post like some of mine make certain people mad at me. When God ordains you as a Pastor and Watchman on the Wall you must report the Biblical truth. As we say here at FGGAM.ORG News from a Biblical Worldview. What a Pastor or Watchman on the Wall reports is not always popular. It brings hate from some people. I do not live to be popular, I live to serve my God. I get up very morning anywhere from 3am to 4am and pray to my Lord and also ask Him what does He want me to report and what words to say. I take this responsibility very seriously, as it is what God has me doing for Him and His Kingdom. It was spoken over me in 1974 by my Grandma Lena Caraway that I would be a preacher some day and years ago it was spoken over me at the Time to Revive revival in Asheville, NC that I would increasingly be a watchman on the wall with a growing platform of various means. That is when I was broadcasting LIVE from Asheville for KKIM radio in Albuquerque! God was already raising me up further for Him! Then years later God moved me out to form FGGAM.ORG and then the ministry just exploded into Glory for JESUS!
This is long but it is what God has given me to share with America this morning:
Team Jesus, please continue to pray for all during this very tough time in the history of ther world. Small businesses are having a very tough time and so very, very many workers have lost their jobs including our son Lars in Chicago. We are living in historic times, the Church was not not able to gather together in person for the first time in about 2,000 years yesterday for Resurrection Sunday, this is like a very bad movie that is playing out right before our eyes.

It is going to be a very tough recovery from this pandemic. I am concerned that people just think a switch will be turned on and its all over. We do not know what the future holds, only God knows. We need to put all our faith in Almighty God and His Word. A stimulus check will not cure this, it is like a squirt gun trying to fight a raging fire. Remember normal is just a setting on a dryer. The other problem here is that America continues to be so very divided led by this awful, dirty political division and hate. This also will not go away without repentance and revival. We have lost our moral compass in this nation and it will not be found overnight or by a stimulus plan, we need a plan to return to God, that is the only answer, unity in God, America Bless God. We have become such a greedy, whats in it for me, I don’t care about anything but myself….country. We are a VERY DIVIDED NATION!

We are a nation that appears to forget that we need to repent for killing God’s babies. What do you think? Many seem to ignore the aborting of God’s babies and that there is no consequences for such awful, horrific acts like this! How can a nation be ‘normal’ that kills babies? Many Americans think they are above God. I plead with my country to return to God, He is waiting.

Mark my word, things will get much worse in America if we as a country do not return to God.

Do not be a fooled by the “nothing noise” of the world.

Recovery means returning to God.

I see and hear it everyday, so many Americans spouting off things that I know did not come from God. When we have a close personal relationship with Jesus we will not behave like this. So many trust their own self-will and have not turned their lives over to God. This is a bigger problem in this country than this pandemic! Division and Hate.

Can you even imagine how a child feels growing up in this world we live in?

Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. 1 Timothy 6:6

The way we live often speaks far louder than words.
-Billy Graham

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