God Bless you Pastor Jude for this message today!!! We all need this message! Much love to you and Liv!

As I read the story about Joseph in the bible.. Joseph was 17 years old when his brothers threw him into a well to die, and in his late 30’s when he saw them again.. But God used his mess for good.. But God took his time.. So the question will be How long will he take with you? He may take his time.. God doesn’t measure in minutes.. He measures in lifetimes..in our times of troubles we see a mess, God sees a chance to train , to test.. To teach future ministers how to be foot soldiers.. Messengers in the feet, not just the mouth..,what we call Egypt, God calls it protective custody.. Bottom line .. We are a version of Joseph for this generation… We carry something Holy in us..,The Holy Spirit!! It comes with something the world needs, wisdom, kindness, mercy, skill, and it’s satan that wants to neutralize that, if he succeeds… He stops your influence.. The story of Joseph is in the Bible for a reason … To teach us to trust God.. Joseph was in a stinky pit.. Life stinks sometimes.. But sometimes the pit teaches us.. It teaches us to look up!!! It forces us to look upward!! Someone (God)… From up there must come down here and give you a hand!! God did that for Joseph… At the right time, in the right way.. God does his best work in the storm.. We see the pit.. God sees the opportunity … God can use the Egypt times of life to teach us he is with us.. Your family might abandon you, your supporters might have left you, and your Teacher may be silent during a test.. But stand on this promise.. ( Gen. 28:15) ” I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go”…don’t see your struggle as an interruption to life.. But as preparation for life.. Your troubles are not punishment , it’s training .. No one said the road would be easy or painless .. This is a normal experience of a child.. And we are children.. His children..Dang I needed to hear this today…

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