Talked to the Lord Today?



All through scriptures there are phrases that jump out and catch my attention. I Chronicles 10:14 is one of those.  The chronicle of King Saul is one of hope but also one of tragedy.  Hopefully we can learn valuable lessons from King Saul’s story.  He had a good beginning as Samuel points out in I Samuel 10:24…”there is none like him among all the people’.  He was physically intimidating (I Samuel 10:23) and humble in the beginning (I Samuel 10:22).  But, with power and popularity usually there comes deviousness and corruption.  This is true in King Saul’s case.

It was only a short time after his coronation that Saul offers an unlawful sacrifice found in I Samuel 13.  Because of Saul’s disobedience the prophet tells him, “but now your kingdom will not continue for the Lord has sought a man after His own heart…”. I Samuel 13:14

Saul’s plunge into the abyss of sin gains speed after this time.  And this leads to the ultimate source of his troubles.  In I Samuel 28 we find Saul consulting with the witch of En Dor.  He wants her to conjure up Samuel from the dead so that he can seek his advice concerning an upcoming battle.  Samuel appears and tells Saul, “…tomorrow your sons will be with me…” I Samuel 28:19. They die the next day.

WHY DID THIS TRAGEDY TAKE PLACE?  How did a promising young leader go radically wrong?  The chronicler gives us the answer, “…he did not inquire of the Lord…” I Chronicles 10:14.  His unfaithfulness in offering unlawful sacrifices, his meeting with a witch, and his lack of keeping purely the word of God was because HE DID NOT INQUIRE OF THE LORD.

Maybe we can ask ourselves the same questions.  Where are we seeking advice?  Who are we looking to for answers?  Direction?  Hope?  Advice?

So, here’s the question for us who are we talking to?  Or even a better question…have we gone to the Lord in prayer today?

I am praying for you and your families!

Leonard Navarre

Lubbock, Texas

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