Sunday March 15th: President Trump’s Call For a National Day of Prayer


We are thankful for this information from Kathy Branzell President of National Day of Prayer! We are thankful to President Trump for calling for a day of prayer.

Friend —

Greetings. On Sunday March 15th, the National Day of Prayer Task Force will be hosting additional prayer calls throughout the day in response to President Trump’s call for a National Day of Prayer in response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

We know that many churches have suspended their services due to the increased concerns and vulnerability of spreading of the virus in large gatherings. It is our hope that these prayer calls will provide opportunities for unified prayer as we turn to God for hope, health and healing.

Please join us at the following times by calling 712-432-0075, Access code: 4961322#

10 am ET, 9 am CT, 8 am MT, 7 am PT

7 pm ET, 6 pm CT, 5 pm MT, 4 pm PT

10 pm ET, 9 pm CT, 7 pm MT, 6 pm PT

You are also invited to join National Day of Prayer in a sustaining presence of prayer every day on our prayer line 712-432-0075, 4961322#

Morning: 10 am ET, 9 am CT, 8 am MT, 7 am PT

Evening: 10 pm ET, 9 pm CT, 7 pm MT, 6 pm PT

In addition, the National Day of Prayer Task Force is lifting up this prayer together in these critical and concerning times. We hope you will join us in this prayer and share it with others as a prayer prompt or guide as we continue to pray.

Heavenly Father, we turn to You in prayer not panic in response to this pandemic. We praise You as our Almighty Creator and Sustainer. You are the author of our days, our refuge and strength.

Lord, we humbly ask that You push back and remove this virus from us; glorify Yourself in this national and global emergency. We cry out to You in unified prayer:

For those who have suffered loss of family and friends from this virus. Please comfort them.

For those who are currently sick we ask that You heal them.

For those who are filled with fear and anxiety in the uncertainty of what to do, or in isolation of quarantine, we ask that You be their courage and that they would acknowledge Your presence. Thank You for being our God who never leaves or forsakes us.

For those who are not able to go to work and earn a paycheck we ask that You provide for their needs. Please connect them with services who are providing food and other resources at this time.

For those who are researching and responding to the pandemic we ask that You pour out Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding in them and through them. Please incline our ears to truth and give us steadfast hearts as our confidence is in You. Give us discernment to divide rumors from reality, help us to make wise decisions and listen to good information.

For all hospital and nursing home staff, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, first responders, military personnel, and everyone who is at risk to exposure as they serve and care for those who are or may have been infected. Please protect them and give them and their families peace as they serve. Help them to keep patients calm as they work and walk in faith in You.

Lord, help us always to respond with Your love to our neighbors. Prompt us to check on those near and dear to us as well as neighbors we might not have met yet who may need our help. Help us to remember those around us who are most vulnerable to this virus and to help them by bringing them groceries or other things that will help keep them from exposure.

For those who are making decisions about closures and cancellations we ask that You guide them to consider what is best for people not profit. Lord that they will trust You and make the safest decision for the population they serve, teach, entertain, and employ. Continue to pour out Your creativity on us in the methods of staying connected and productive through technology.

We pray that this unprecedented time in our generation would be used to draw nearer to You and our families. Turn our attention to the many times we have thought or said, “we don’t have enough time to ________.” Help us to use this time to rightly reset and prioritize our relationship with You and our family. Let us draw near to You in faith as our Father and our fortress.

Deliver us from this disease we pray and let Your glory fill the earth as You respond to our prayers. Amen.

Serving Him with Gladness,

Kathy Branzell


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The National Day of Prayer tradition predates the founding of the United States of America, evidenced by the Continental Congress’ proclamation in 1775 setting aside a day of prayer. In 1952, Congress established an annual day of prayer and, in 1988, that law was amended, designating the National Day of Prayer as the first Thursday in May.

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