SPECIAL SUNDAY MESSAGE: Lord Have Mercy On Us All!!!!


Lord Have Mercy on us all!
The Lord has moved me to share with you a special Sunday message….
Good Morning! I want to pray for the world we live in, I want to pray for your and yours. I also want to share with you from God’s Word and also am going to share with you a story about AMAZING GRACE!

Please share this with all your family and friends. Please help me get this message out to the world about God’s Amazing Grace!

God Blesses us….He Chose us for such a time as this…..He predestined us…..he has given us His grace freely to us……He loves us…….He redeemed us……He forgave us…..He made known to us, the mystery of His will!….He has lavished His grace on us!

Can you beleive that He did all this for us?????

Also this my Dear Friends…..

A group representing 600 million evangelicals encourages Christians worldwide to pray and fast today. Due to the current pandemic, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) developed the Global Day of Prayer and Fasting initiative based on Psalm 107 and the theme “Lord, help!” Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

Angel’s Prayer of the Day

Word for the Day with Kelly

Need Answers? Look to Jesus!

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