Pastor Has a Warning For Us All As 37 Infected at His Church See First Death


We are in prayer for all those precious folks from the Arkansas Church and all the people who have been hit with COVID-19. We mourn for those who have passed away, we pray for those that are sick. We pray for all those on the front lines fighting this awful disease. We are thankful that many Churches are streaming their services on the TV, Radio, the web, Facebook, YouTube and other technical means.

Maybe you assumed that it couldn’t happen to you, just like I did. Please adhere to the social instructions that you are receiving locally and nationally. We must keep the affected population to as low a number as possible. [One] singular act of stubborn independence can have far reaching effects on someone else’s life. Respect and compassion for the people around us must dominate our self-discipline. Mark Palenske

Story Here From Church Leaders

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