Everyone Pays The Price


Preach it Pastor Jude!

Jude Sisneros

Judges 21:25…. In those days Israel had no king; everybody did as he saw fit.”
My thoughts to this short, scripture yet so profound…Does this sound familiar? Bottom line….Your opinion to Gods Word doesn’t move his hand …..Your obedience to Gods Word does…During the time of the Judges, the people of Israel experienced trouble because everyone became HIS OWN AUTHORITY and acted on HIS OWN OPINIONS OF RIGHT AND WRONG….OUR world today is similar, Individuals, groups, and societies have made themselves the final authorities without..HERE’S THE KEY “REVERENCE TO GOD”..When people selfishly satisfy their personal desires at all cost…HERE IT GOES>>>”EVERYONE PAYS THE PRICE!!” Our weapons are the standards, morals, truths, and convictions we receive from GODS WORD!! God takes our natural abilities and when HE steps in with HIS SUPER He makes it SUPERNATURAL!! WE have become a society that wants to take God out of everything, out of Pledge of Allegiance, off the printing of our money, because of someones OPINION OF RIGHT AND WRONG!! Some people who read this will probably say “well that’s your Opinion… NO the reading of Gods WORD tells me that we must Apply HIS Word to everything we do.. This is based on Gods WORD, His Authority…And I chose to Reverence it…You have an opportunity to do the same… Don’t take my word for it…Open the Bible and take His Word for it…

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