NM House Republicans Announce, “The People’s Budget,” Alternative Spending Plan, Repay Every New Mexican $200 Each From The State’s Largest Budget Surplus


I have been calling for a tax rebate to the tax payers of New Mexico for months! GREAT NEWS! FGGAM NEWS just got this news release:

House Republicans announce, “The People’s Budget,” alternative spending plan

Santa Fe, NM- NM Representative Jason Harper (R-Rio Rancho) today announced an alternative spending plan, The People’s Budget. The New Mexico House of Representatives is scheduled to hear House Bill 2, the Appropriations and Finance committee’s recommendation for the state budget.

The People’s Budget outlines and highlights the House Republicans concerns with out of control spending and disregard for preparing for any decrease in oil and gas revenues. In just 13 months, Democrat state leaders have supported increasing government spending by $4.4 billion. The current budget recommendation in HB 2 uses the entirety of the oil and gas surplus and raids the state reserve accounts to the tune of $31 million on top of the $338 million that was swiped last year.

Representative Harper’s People’s Budget will present an alternative approach to state spending that will:

  • Introduce a sustainable increase of 4.3% to the state budget that is designed to fund important issues to New Mexicans and prevents future furloughs and sweeps from public schools during an inevitable future economic crisis.
  • Repay every New Mexican $200 each from the state’s largest budget surplus, helping alleviate the over-taxation of wage-earning New Mexicans
  • Introduce a paradigm shifting education pilot program that rewards and incentivizes schools that show increases in academic performance of at-risk student.

“The people of New Mexico deserve responsible and forward thinking plans for spending wage-earner dollars,” said Representative Jason Harper, “The People’s Budget plan highlights opportunities to affect change in education and provide relief to everyday New Mexicans from the burden of over-taxation. I can guarantee that if the Democrats were so willing to increase taxes with a budget surplus, they will reach into New Mexican wallets again when the inevitable budget crunch comes.

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