God Bless you Pastor Jude Sisneros for another dynamite message!!! God Bless you and Liv! We love you both so very much!

Jude Sisneros

(1COR.1:26NCV)” Look at what you were when God called you”. Wow!!! What a profound statement!!! .. My thoughts … Funny how we start off when we begin our spiritual journeys as small people, we confess our sins, beg for mercy, bend our knees, the humble act of conversion takes place.. We start to do the things that shows our faith, we let someone lower us into the waters of baptism, we act like timid children extending our hands to God… With all this humbleness, we start to relate to the thief on the cross, we even can identify with David’s forgiven adultery… We start to understand the importance of forgiveness.. We come to God humbly…We start to claim that we own the title of CHIEF OF SINNERS , and that Paul had nothing on us… We don’t boast, we don’t sing” I got my swag on” … And thru all this humbleness.. God changes us, we lust less, love more, lash out less, we quit drugs, we pay bills, we start to pay attention to our wives, we start to respect the authorities … THEN!!!! Someone notices us.. They applaud us, promote us, admire us, we start to accomplish things, we get compliments, people tell us what strong faith we have… The list goes on.. That’s when our pride shows up and goes further.. The compliments come, and we use them like rungs on a ladder to elevate ourselves.. Pride shows it’s ugly face, and this pride would rather kill the truth than consider it anymore.. It sneaks up on us.. Strikes at the heal.. We don’t see it coming.. But we still embrace it.. Pride takes us to that place of living a Godly life on the surface only.. We got the look, the talk, the walk.. We are a fly in the ointment, and yet we think we are shaking up the world!! We need to wake up people !!! We need to always go back to that place, remembering who held us in the beginning .. Remember who holds you today.. I would rather live my life with a God I can’t live without, than to live my life with a surface God.. Like Stephen in the bible.. He remembered Jesus.. And Jesus remember him.. While Stephens accusers reached for their rocks, he looked toward Christ..Acts7:55″ Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, gazed steadily into heaven and saw the glory of God, and he saw Jesus standing in the place of honor at Gods right hand” in other words … Stephen stood on behalf of Christ, and in the end, Christ returned the favor… Get the picture? Good.. That is all..

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