Life Lessons from Paul


Episode 77
Thanks for tuning in to the latest show! Today I will be reading from both Colossians and Hebrews as I pinpoint key verses that Paul wrote for us to live by. God wants us to dig into His Word and learn how to represent Jesus Christ everywhere we go. God wants us to walk in freedom from sin so we can be lights in our homes, neighborhoods, towns, cities, states and countries. When we can walk as He has instructed us to, we will infect so many people who are hurting with the Love of Jesus Christ and they will be cleansed from head to toe. Exciting days are ahead folks, the Lord is calling people out to step up and be lights, to step up and be willing vessels, to step up and meet the needs of those who do not even have a place to lay their heads, and to answer the call of the Holy Spirit that is rising up within you to do as God has already called you to do. Some of you actually know what God is calling you to do, you just have to be obedient and step out. With that being said, Grab a note book and your Bible and sit back and join me in this podcast. Love You All and God Bless!!

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