I just did research on Purgatory

I so much love and respect Pastor Jude, he puts the TRUTH right out there! Such a very LOVING and BOLD MAN of GOD! I mam also thankful that I have met his lovely wife, Liv.
Jude Sisneros

My thoughts… I just did a research on Purgatory.. And I can’t believe how people are sold to believe such nonsense.. To honestly believe that we all can have another shot at heaven by sitting in a waiting room of spirits, to Re-evaluate our lives, to see where we went wrong, to work out our sinful problems, and give a false hope to those who grieve.. Imagine thinking that we can go to a place to take time to think, and then make right choices.. It doesn’t say anything anywhere about Purgatory in the Bible.. Jesus never once mentioned it.. He spoke about two places in the afterlife .. Heaven and hell.. Nothing in between .. In my research Purgatory is described as a place where we are purged or cleansed from our sins.. It is also claimed that in purgatory people receive the punishment they deserve, suffer the consequences, then will be able to leave after a period of time, once they learned their lesson, or happened to be prayed out!! That’s so insane!! And then we would enter paradise now fully prepared and renewed.. Come on people if that is to be true, then what the heck did Jesus die on the cross for? Wouldn’t we be serving a ridiculous God if he sent his only son to die for nothing, when we could handle it ourselves? Didn’t he in fact die for our sins? He didn’t suffer for his sins… Didn’t his sacrifice offer 100 percent forgiveness to those who believe? Or did he only offer 50 percent and we have to make up the difference ? On the cross Jesus turned to his newest follower( The thief ) and said ” Today you will be with me in paradise” ( Luke 23:43)or did he mean” Today I will see you in purgatory where you can suffer and make up the difference” To me … Paradise is spelled ..NO SUFFERING!! Didn’t Jesus also say,” It is finished” or did he mean,” It is finished… Until you go to purgatory and finish the work I started”.. Dang it!! It is finished means it is finished!! No more needs to be done !!! Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death. How could we withstand the punishment of the death we deserve? The punishment is death, and in purgatory people would already be dead!! Bottom line.. Purgatory is suggested by some to be a hell with hope!! That is so ridiculous!! What hope could we possible find in paying for our own sins? How long would it take? You want to hear some true good news? Jesus already purged us of our sins.. And purgatory is spelled… C-A-L-V-A-R-Y.. And we can be sure as we step out of earth life into his heavenly robes, that Jesus paid the price in full.. And it’s Paradise that awaits us…… Not purgatory

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