Attitude of Gratitude

Bless you Pastor Jude for another wonder message of encouragement and accountability.
Jude Sisneros

Reading in Luke 17:11-19.. Story about 10 lepers Jesus healed and only one returns to give him thanks and praise.. They stepped out in faith , but nine ran with the blessing, and one gave thanks to the blesser.. Sound familiar? Or am I the only one that has failed that test miserably so many times? How many times has God blessed us and we were too self- centered to be thankful.. We run with the blessings, we become to busy in our jobs, we find comfort in playing our role in society instead of finding comfort in the healer.. We reason with our thoughts and become arrogant and our pride is bigger than our gratefulness, it sways us not to admit that we were in need, appreciation turns to expectation, we develop spiritual amnesia and forget the blesser. We develop appreciation depreciation .. We develop a heart of entitlement, instead of a heart of God.. Dang does this hit a vein in me this morning.. Attitude of gratitude my friends.. That is key.. Bottom line .. Gratitude always leaves us looking at God, we discover his heart, and to discover his heart you don’t just look at the good gifts, you look at the Good Giver.. This is what the Lord has given me today.. Lord cure my leperous thoughts, let me be grateful that you are building a house for me in heaven, don’t let sin numb my thought and cloud my vision, let me be thankful for my burrito this morning , for the drug addict that came to know u, for the men and women who didn’t cheat on each other today, for the children of today with all of societies pressure that didn’t dishonor their parents, broaden my horizon to see your glory in all things today.. Let me read your Word and allow it to develop a grateful heart.. In Jesus name.. Amen

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