The Difference Between Hidden and Hiding


Daily Christian Quotes

Joshua B. Fontain

I’m learning that there is a big difference between being hidden and hiding. Hiding is a product of fear, insecurity, and doubt. It will cause you to become crippled in making decisions, and hinder your advancement in life, in every area. It will cause you to lock yourself away from a world that you have been called to impact. It will keep you from the very ones that God is called you to minister to. Being hidden is entirely different. When He hides you, it is for your own protection, your own longevity and ultimately, His jealousy for you.
Don’t allow fear of failure, fear of the unknown, shame, or condemnation to cause you to hide yourself from the Lord, or the world around you. Allow Him to hide you, and in that place, trust His plans for you, and know that He will protect you and be with you wherever you go.

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