Hallelujah!!! PTL!! Skip Heitzig’s Surgery is Successful!!!


UPDATED 6:30pm Thursday evening Feb. 20th:

PTL!!!! Please keep praying Team Jesus!

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The surgery was a success!!! @skipheitzig is out of surgery and on the road to recovery. The procedure went well and the doctor felt they were able to get most of the fluid. Skip will have two drains this time and a mandatory stay in ICU until Monday for residual fluid and observation. We are grateful for this good news. ????????????????. Please continue to pray for @skipheitzig @lenyaheitzig @nateheitzig and our family as this next step begins!!


UPDATED: Thursday Morning at 3:28am

From Vince Torres of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico

UPDATE: Pastor Skip is now in ICU. Surgery is scheduled for this afternoon. Please continue to PRAY and SHARE the request.

⚠️ PRAYER NEEDED: Please pray for Pastor Skip Heitzig of Calvary Church. He is back in the hospital with a subdural hematoma. Surgery may be imminent, so please PRAY and SHARE the prayer request.


KDAZ RADIO News Director Frank Haley reports at 5:27pm Wednesday 2/19/20: I have been informed that Skip was taken to the emergency room about 30 minuted ago. Please pray!!


UPDATED at 2:55pm Jan. 30tth 2020:

UPDATE: Due to continued high level pain Pastor Skip Heitzig is scheduled for neurosurgery tomorrow at 2 PM. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and wisdom. I believe God has provided perfectly for Skip. Dr. Metzger (best neurosurgeon in NM) will perform the surgery at Presbyterian Hospital. The drain remains in for 48 hours. No food after midnight and the journey continues. — Lenya Heitzig


We love you all!
Pastor Skip has been released from ther hospital and is at home resting. Please continue to pray for complete healing, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!

The church thanks you all for the enormous love and support for Pastor Skip and Lenya these last couple of days. We’re sure you’ve desired to help out or contribute in any way you possibly can, and, truly, the most involved way you can express your continued love and support for them is to pray earnestly and to direct others to do likewise— pray for Pastor Skip’s healing so that he can return ASAP to all the things he loves doing with his family and for the church. As updates are very personal, we encourage you to look to Lenya’s posts for ongoing updates on her husband’s condition. Again, thank you.


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