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Paul Harvey Tribute to Our Police Officers


Pastor Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque leads us in prayer:

Lord, thank You for placing Your protective covering over all the Men and Women that protect our communities every day. Be with them, their families and loved ones. Let them all go home safely at the end of their shift. Bless their lives, their children and everything that they’re involved in I pray in Jesus name, Amen ????????

Richard A Mansfield

I miss Paul Harvey so much on radio! Nothing is close to him on radio these days! Growing up in the 60’s in Minnesota we always tuned him in on KDOM Radio in Windom, Minnesota. So much Godly wisdom from Paul Harvey. This tribute is a tearjerker……..

Please be in prayer Team Jesus! Our hearts are broken at this news…..


Complaint: Suspect in Waseca police shooting fled across roof before firing

Meanwhile, officer’s pastor says “there are great chances he will be OK.”

“This is the worst nightmare a law enforcement agency can face,” the Waseca police chief said at a news conference Tuesday morning in the city’s public safety building. “And we’re living it right now.”

Pray for Officer Arik Matson and his family and fellow officers.

Story Here, Read and Pray, please

It seems everyday a Police Officer is shot in America………There is no ‘routine call’ anymore for our heroes. Many are being ambushed!

America’s soul is in bad shape.

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