Leaving the crib


It’s been almost four months since I started my new job. It’s been the most difficult transition in my adult life (aside from having children).

The camera of my life has pulled back from the close-up of Albuquerque, to a wide shot that now encompasses the whole U.S.

There has been some grieving, if I’m honest. There was so much more I wanted to do, focusing on the city I love. The fact that RallyABQ never took off in the way I envisioned still brings me great sadness.

Much like during my departure from radio, I find myself having to surrender the desires of my heart, trusting God will be gentle and tender as He either replants new desires, or holds me until the old desires are fulfilled.

I’m thankful that ABQ can still serve as my home base. I’m also thankful for the new opportunities I’ve had to learn about people who have been forced out of the cities they love. The refugee communities that I have encountered have opened my eyes in a new way. No longer just a news story about people far away, I’ve now sat in the living room of a Syrian family whose city had been bombed to bits. I’ve met a brave woman from the DNC whose husband was murdered, and whose six year old had to care for 4 younger siblings while she went out trying to find food for her babies.

I suppose a city is much like a crib. It holds its precious occupant, providing boundaries and a place to lay your head. However well built (or problematic) that crib may be, the true value is found in the one who sleeps inside. The wooden slats, quality of mattress and the design of the linens don’t matter in the long run.

So, the side rail has been let down, and it’s time for me to crawl out in increasing measure. May the adventures ahead provide growth and opportunities that I’ve never envisioned and provide fulfillment in a new and remarkable way.

For those of you crawling alongside me on your own journey, I’m happy to stop and rest a while with you. Reach out if you need a friend.

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