Is There Hope For Improvement in How Some People View The Police?


Pastor Dewey: Growing up in Windom, Minnesota, we knew the Police officers, They were our friends. We were taught to respect them. They helped us in life. I love all of our Officers, they risk their lives for us. I told Sharon yesterday that we have to be thankful that anyone would want to be a Police Officer in crime-ridden ABQ!!!

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Is there hope for improvement in how we view the police?

Jan 29, 2020

From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Q: There are several generations of police officers in my family and it is astounding to see the change of public opinion regarding these brave officers that protect us. Is there hope for improvement? — P.F.

A: A young policeman was carried through the hospital doors on a stretcher. Forty minutes earlier he had tried to arrest two drunken rowdies on Market Street in the heart of downtown San Francisco. A crowd had gathered and cheered. “The people stood around gawking and laughing at me,” the officer said. “When other hoodlums tried to take away my prisoners, numbers of the crowd held my arms. One took my gun, and they let the thugs beat me. Some even joined in the assault. Nobody tried to help me.” What’s happened to the people these days?

This injured officer was the victim of a social malady which is threatening the peace of this nation. There is a growing contempt for authority and for law. In Los Angeles, two officers arrested two boys who were creating a disturbance in an amusement park. Quickly the police were surrounded by a cursing, jeering mob of several hundred people. Bricks were hurled, bats and jack handles were wielded, and the police cars were overturned.

A police commissioner in New York City once said, “The police cannot fight crime and the public at the same time.” There are many contributing causes to the rioting and crime wave in the nation. Though the majority of Americans want law, order, peace, and security, an increasingly vocal minority is revolutionary in its attitude. Until the attitude of government, the family, the home, the church, and the court becomes predominantly righteous, our democratic form of government is in danger of being overthrown. It is time for America to repent of sin and uphold the foundation it was built upon.


(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)


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