Give Life a Chance


This awesome message is from one of our heroes of faith, Ethel Maharg, Executive Director of the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico.

In just a few days it will be the anniversary of the 1973 court decision Roe vs Wade. Since then over 61 million children have lost their lives to abortion. So many lives have been lost that it is now the leading cause of death in our country.


We are known as the late term abortion capital of the world because we allow abortion for any reason to take place right here up to the day of delivery. This has to end. We have to give life a chance.


Last year during the state legislature we gathered as a people and made our voices heard and let our representatives, senators and governor know that bill HB 51 that continued to allow this senseless killing of children was not in keeping with who we are as a people. We would not take no for an answer and the bill was defeated. This unfortunately did not change the fact that we are the late term abortion capital of the world, but it did keep it from progressing any further. Our hope is to end abortion in our state.


Recently during a football game between Ohio State and Michigan the announcer told the story of JK Dobbins. His mother became pregnant at 18 and was considering abortion but chose life instead. The announcer said, “Dobbins is one of the best players in the nation at any position this year.”


Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple was adopted. We all know what he went on to accomplish with Apple, in fact you may own one of the products like an I-phone. His mother gave his life a chance.


Well known evangelist James Robison was conceived in rape, yet his mother chose life. His mother gave his life a chance.


Tim Tebow’s mother was told to abort him. She said no and the rest is history. She gave his life a chance.


Last year during one of the rallies a young lady gave her testimony and she said that 15 years after she had chosen to have an abortion she was in her kitchen washing dishes while her children were playing, and she heard God ask her; “what would he have been.” You see God knew her baby was a boy and He had plans for him like he has for all of us.


We hear many success stories of people who are alive today, but we will never hear those stories of children who are aborted. We need to give life a chance.


If you had an abortion, there is healing. Let God restore you and give your life a chance.


This Wednesday the 22nd we will be marching in Santa Fe for the annual pro-life march. Please make plans to join us as we stand together for life and say New Mexico give life a chance.

Ethel Maharg Executive Director

Right to Life Committee of NM Website


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