Urgent Prayer Needs! 4-Year-Old Emma Has Pneumonia and a Mother and Baby Coming to ABQ for an Abortion


Team Jesus, please pray over these two prayer needs…….

From Ethel Maharg, Executive Director of Right to Life of New Mexico……

Please pray. I just got off the phone with the woman whose niece is coming in for a 3rd trimester abortion. The girl doesn’t want it but is being pressured. They are coming in from Louisiana.

Pray that this Mother will have a change of heart and that the pressure on her will end! We pray the Baby will be saved, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN!

It is very tragic, that mothers come from all over America seeking an abortion come here to Albuquerque. We pray New Mexico will put a stop to this evil.

From Brenda Towle……….

4-year-old Emma has pneumonia………

Amber is at the hospital now, she needs guidance to help her stay steady and strong for my niece Courtney, Jacob my sister Annette and Jim, and Jacob’s parents. Emma can do it, she has Leigh’s disease. Most kids don’t make it pass their 1st  birthday.

We are praying for healing for little Emma! Brenda says she is a fighter!

Emma Grace Embrace her Facebook page!

We pray for wisdom for the Doctors, nurses and technicians and healing Emma, peace and comfort for the family, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN


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