The First Christmas Night


Merry Christmas from me and Sharon!
Welcome to the House of Hope!
What a wonderful Savior we have in Mary’s Lamb, the Son of God born that first Christmas night! Jesus came as He did, born of a virgin, to be what He was—the sinless Lamb of God. He was what He was, sinless, to do what He did—die for our sins. And He died for our sins so that He, being what He was, might make us what we are not and ought to be— children of God.

Remember those Passover lambs being raised in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth? Those were the lambs the shepherds kept watching over when the angel appeared to them announcing the birth of the Savior. Even though we are observing Christmas, the first week of Jesus’ earthly life, I want to “fast forward” to the last week of His life.

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