Updated: Fires Could Change Australia Forever, Pray Team Jesus!


We are praying for the safety of all and for rain!! Thank the Lord for all those fighting these horrible fires! Our hearts are broken for Australia. We cannot imagine the horror.

Oh My! This breaks my heart! Pray Team Jesus!

24 Australians arrested for deliberately setting fires this season
The country has been ravaged by wildfires this summer.

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Australia wildfires have claimed 25 lives and will burn for months, officials say
The bushfires have burned millions of acres and exacted a staggering environmental toll. Australia’s government is setting up a $1.4 billion fund to help those affected by the fires.

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Fires Could Change Australia Forever

Australia’s “ferocious” wildfires are going to get worse this weekend. Here’s what to know.
Thousands of tourists and residents evacuated parts of Australia as hot temperatures and strong winds were expected to worsen wildfire conditions.

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What Australia’s devastating fires look like on the ground
The bushfires have already burned 13.5 million acres and show few signs of slowing down.

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Australian Animals victims of Wildfires

Australia wildfire: Sky turns apocalyptic red
An estimated 4,000 people are trapped on a beach in southeastern Australia, desperate for rescue. But they are surrounded by one of about 100 wildfires raging in the area. Twelve people have died since the fires began in September. The fires have burned more than 12 million acres. Georgia Love from our partners at Network 10 reports.

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