SOLID REPORTING: KOB TV Presses ABQ City Officials For Answers on Most Homicides in One Year, 74: ABQ is in Spiritual Warfare


Please share this post with your Pastor and all of your family. This is a very urgent problem, not only for Albuquerque, but for all of America! Thank you KOB TV NEWS for your sold reporting.

We must be the hands and feet of Jesus…..we must leave our homes, our Churches and go out in the City and share Jesus, carrying out The Great Commission . Back in the late 1800’s my Grandpa Chris Moede a member of the Windom, Minnesota Fire Department would dip a sponge in water and then place it into his mouth to breathe through and then rush into the house to save lives and put out the fire. We must go into the fire, the hellish situations some are in, and tell them about Jesus! Amen! I love sharing JESUS on the road as I travel Albuquerque and New Mexico! Everywhere I go I tell people about JESUS! The only true answer is JESUS! JESUS in your heart!

The Church already has enough ‘high school pep rallies’ as Chuck Colson called them, we need ‘hell fighters’. I have walked into homes in New Mexico, under personal threat, with sewers backed up, ankle deep clothes all over the house, extreme poverty… share JESUS.

Yesterday, I called for a one week of mourning in our city……we should be mourning, weeping for what ABQ has turned into….a very violent city, you can dress up a hog, put lipstick on it, but it is still a hog. A record number of homicides, what about all those families? it seems to me we are dismissing this very quickly and do not realize that families are being torn apart by murder and other violence in this City,many lives will never be the same! It appears to me, many are dismissing the seriousness of this horrific situation. The Church needs to take a lead in this and open the doors, for prayer and mourning, for repentance, Oh God help Albuquerque! But, Albuquerque aborts children every month, killing God’s babies! The sin, the blood runs deep in this City.

I have said for years, going back to New Mexico News and Views on KKIM Radio, over 14 years ago, that hearts in this City, State and all over America need to be given to Jesus. Satan is having his way with many. Jesus is the answer. More police will help a bit, but it is still a heart issue. Those on drugs and involved in Domestic violence and other awful things need Jesus, we all need Jesus. A personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Personal Relationship with God

I will guarantee you, this horrific situation will continue in Albuquerque our nation unless many come to Christ. You can pass all the laws you want, but you cannot legislate morality. We are in the thick of Spiritual warfare, which many in America do not beleive in. The Truth About Spiritual Warfare

Our nation is in chaos, Our God is not a God of chaos. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem, it is Spiritual warfare. America now makes every problem red or blue! It is a JESUS problem, this is what happens when a society leaves God. Nobody wants to talk about how Godless America has become, they want to make politics out of this mess!

Sometimes I think the message of Jesus is to simple for the minds of many in the world. like the Lawyer on the airplane asking me, “Don’t you think the Bible is just a book of fairy tales?”



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