Paradise Hills United Methodist Men: We Are Delighted to Welcome Pastor Dewey Moede as Our Speaker This Month!


Pictured above is Lou and Vicky Cannavale, Lou and Vicky are awesome friends of me and Sharon! They introduced us years ago to their Church, Paradise Hills!I am very blessed to speak this Saturday at the Paradise Hills United Methodist Church in Albuquerque! I love to share JESUS, it is why I live! We will have much fun! All are welcomed, I am blessed that women also come to these breakfast meetings! I have a few surprises up my sleeve!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Merry Christmas! The picture I used of the Paradise Hills Church sign is a few years old, so they are more than 50 now! LOL Going strong, they are!

Paradise Hills United Methodist Men       

Monthly Fellowship Breakfast

Saturday, December 21, 2019      8:00 am




For a special Christmas treat, we are delighted to welcome Pastor Dewey Moede as our speaker this month! Dewey has been a friend of Paradise Hills for many years but hasn’t spoken to our group for quite some time. His program will provide some seasonal inspiration within a look back at “How Christmas has been celebrated over the years.”


This theme should answer questions about where some of our Christmas traditions came from. You may be surprised at how far back some of these icons can be traced OR how recently they became part of the Christmas culture.


Dewey has pastored or conducted worship in churches of just about every denomination. He is a long-time radio host and founder/director of For God’s Glory Alone Ministries. He currently serves as a travelling pastor for the Baptist church in Reserve, New Mexico.


Bring a friend and join us for a great breakfast and inspirational fellowship. If you don’t receive a call or email, please RSVP to Aggie Haren at 318-344-7152 or email by Thursday evening.



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