Our Missionary Hero, S.E. Coleman, is Traveling in Mexico, Please Pray!

I have known Missionary S.E. Coleman for many years! I would have her on my show on KKIM Christian Radio in Albuquerque from time to time, she even filled air-shifts for me! Very dynamic, very loving, very dedicated to serving the Lord and people. Please pray for S.E. as she travel through Mexico. The violence in Mexico is increasing! S.E. needs our prayers as she travels. S.E. is one of my heroes of faith! Below is her report from Mexico!
S.E. Coleman

First want to mark myself as SAFE!! Many of you know I am driving through Mexico and some know I enter at EAGLE PASS, TX. IF you have seen anything on the news both Saturday and Sunday there was a massive shoot out at a small town close to that border that spilled out onto the roads. I had NO CLUE of what happened on Saturday. I HAD wanted to be on the road just after 6 in the morning, but it more like 7, which was a another factor in my ability to write you now. Yes, I saw a lot of things , heavy armed men, military, federales and cartel!! I kept on going. I passed something I THOUGHT was an accident! BUT now I know it was NOT an ACCIDENT it was a gun battle between police forces and cartel. WHEN I passed it looked like it had happened maybe 30 or 45 minutes before. When I saw it, I had a bad, bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and I tried to tell someone that was taking toll money about what I saw. All this I did not know until last night! Yesterday was really intense driving and instead of getting back into my car, I am staying another night in San Luis Potosi. I talked with the manager about all that happened yesterday and I was here on points yesterday but for today the hotel has given me a very good rate. I need to rest, really rest. I think being in the states there was for me always this pressure to always being doing and doing and doing. So the level of exhaustion is high, BUT I rebound well. Second, I want you to know that probably the entire time in the states and now heading back to Guatemala, I have feel “terrorized” myself by Karla and her family. Before I left she went to the police to make a “denuncio” against me. Honestly I do not know what they want, more money from me?? I was suppose to go to court, but had it postponed and now it looms as I return. The enemy is at work with the lies, deception and thievery that Karla perpetuated on me for some time and that has captured too much of my thoughts. Please pray for this situation. I have felt she took rusty knives and just cut pieces of my heart out and unfortunately I am still bleeding. Thanks I know this is loooong and probably hard to read, my reality sandwich. God knows all and He will prevail, at times it is hard walking through literally the Valley OF the Shadow of Death

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Mexico Shootout

Mexico is wrought with violence! I pray Mexico asks for the help from the United States, this violence over the weekend comes after the massacre of 9 Americans in Mexico in November by the Drug cartel! President Trump has offered help in fighting the Satan possessed Drug cartel but the President of Mexico has said no for now!!!???!!!

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