Many Are Called


The familiar phrase, “many are called but few are chosen” is found in Matthew 20:19. Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 1: 8 Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord….9 Who hath saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, 10 But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Savior, Jesus Christ…

If you are a believer and been saved by the grace of God, then you have been called. As followers of Christ we all are called to serve… and to share with others, the story of our salvation. Paul was called while walking on the road to Damascus, looking for Christians he could persecute. After his encounter and accepting Christ as his Savior, Paul was called to preach and to be an apostle. Finally, he was chosen to be the one that would bring the good news of Jesus to the Gentiles.

If you have not yet made the decision to follow Jesus, but feel the urge to do so, I want to encourage you. That urging you feel is God, calling you to put your trust in Him and become a member of His family. Answering that call is not always an easy decision…not when you hesitate and ask: What will I have to give up? What will I gain? What will people say or think of me? A bigger question is: What will happen to me if I refuse to answer?

I can maybe answer some of these questions for you and make your decision easier. You might have to change some things you do… and possibly lose some friends in the process, but you will also lose the doubts and fears of life. You’ll learn to give Him the burdens and problems you are struggling with. You might lose that scowl and see it replaced by a smile. You might lose a worldly friend, but you’ll gain a Savior, a helper, a comforter and a constant assurance that you are never alone. His love will fill you with hope and your heart will be made new. You’ll find yourself free from the law and your sins forgiven…taken from you as far as the east is from the west.

What will happen if you refuse to answer? Your life will continue on the same path. The daily struggles will remain and there’ll be no hope of a better tomorrow. You’ll never know the feeling of peace that passes your understanding or the joy of serving A Savior that loves and accepts you just as you are. Right now these sound like pretty words, but please don’t ignore them. The most important thing to know is found in Ephesians 2: 18 For through him, we have access, by one Spirit unto the Father.

Know that you are not alone. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. 2 Timothy 2: 12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: If we deny him, he also will deny us. Accept Him and be able to say along with Paul in 2 Timothy 1: 12 …I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.

Jesus is tenderly calling, please don’t ignore Him. “Oh, sinner, come home.”

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My name is Betty Fritz. I was born and raised in Texas but have resided in Elkhart, Indiana for the last 25 years. My husband is a Hoosier so that’s how we wound up here. We have two daughters and a son plus 6 grand kids…..3 boys and 3 girls. I retired last year after working for 24 years at Elkhart Child Development Center. I’ve been writing since a teenager and have taken several writing courses. I enjoy writing short stories. I wrote a book of poems, RHYMES OF THE TIMES, which was published a few years ago. I have written countless songs, a few for which demo recordings have been made. Recently I’ve been writing blogs..most of them about my faith and things the Lord has taught me in my Christian life over the last 51 years. My inspiration comes from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and my desire to see that my grandchildren grow up in a Christian nation. My goal is to bring glory to Him and help others to see that there is POWER in the name of JESUS!

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