Born To Succeed… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Born To Succeed…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I have had the privilege to journey life with some amazing people. This morning, I needed to send out emails before writing my morning post. As I prepared the documents, a card I want to share with all of you was tucked inside. This card holds a great meaning to me. It was from the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference in Dallas, Texas with Bishop T.D. Jakes. As I was waiting for our ride after a meeting, a total stranger, a woman came up to me outside the American Airlines Conference Center and handed me a card and said this is for you. Inside the white envelope a card that read the following was inside.

Success Is Yours…Well, I know it was not easy, but you were born to succeed. You overcame every obstacle and succeeded. You are a winner, you are a warrior. You are a conqueror, you are an overcomer. The winds of replenishment and abundance are blowing. The doors of opportunity are opening….What else was I going to say? Congratulations!

Last night, I had the privilege to interview a woman for my radio broadcast Destiny Moments that had lost everything and went to prison. She shared about her addiction, her marriage, her loss of children and how God restored everything to her. Success was hers. Success is for all who will put their hope in Christ, who will believe and receive. It may look different than what we think, but he is your Good Father. Amen?

This morning, I give everyone across this globe the same card that was given to me. Don’t lose hope. You are God’s best, everyone of you. You were created in his image. He will make a way in the wilderness for you, beautiful people. Oh, how he will make a way. Don’t give up! Let’s Pray:

Father, thank you that we were born to succeed. There is not one life that you won’t rescue, redeem and restore. Success is ours because of your great love for mankind.

Father, thank you for strength for every journey. We write winner, warrior, conqueror, overcomer by our names today. All because of Jesus and the price that was paid.

Today, we declare over ourselves and every person alive John 10:10.  I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Just as David recovered all in 1 Samuel, we declare we will recover all as well. Amen

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Success is yours, if you don’t give up!

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

Tune in to Destiny Moments for my interview with Jennifer Anderson. You will be blessed!

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