Are You Worried About What Will Happen in 2020?


Welcome to the House of Hope Radio Ministry Program!!!

Happy New Year!
As we go into 2020 are you worried what will happen?
I think this message is what the Doctor has ordered for you!
A message from God is the best medicine! PTL!!

There will be NEW OPPORTUNITIES for each of us!
          There will be NEW CHALLENGES for each of us!
Isn’t it exciting to think about all that we have in store for us, this year?
“Well, how am I supposed to be excited when I don’t know what’s going to happen?”
How many of you are nervous about this year, for one reason or another?
It’s true…   We DON’T KNOW what will happen this year!
That’s how God intended for our lives on earth to be!
God doesn’t want you and I to be nervous or scared or hesitant about living a joyful life just because we don’t know what lies ahead!
          – He wants us to trust him EACH DAY in EVERY WAY and have     confidence that He will take care of His children!
You may have some regrets about last year…
                                                                   …just bid those regrets goodbye!
You may have things that you said or did that were not pleasing to God…
…Just lay those things at the foot of the cross and move on!
You may have some negatives that you are carrying over into a new year…
                                                …learn how to turn the negatives into positives!

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