A Prophet With a Pastor’s Heart

It was such a Christmas Blessing to read this post on Facebook by my Brother in Christ Chuck Akeley! Pastor Bill Ruhl is such an awesome man of God. He is one of my main mentors. Pastor Bill is the Vice Chairman of FGGAM, so much Godly wisdom and love. When I needed a newsman at KKIM to fill in for Hall of Famer Frank Haley, Bill volunteered and did an awesome job! What a voice!!!!!
When I left KKIM Christian Radio to go start FGGAM, which God had already formed, Bill has been with us from the start. Bill took the time and love to bring his truck to the station and help me move my personal items to our house. I will never forget that when we got done unloading the truck, I just looked at Bill and said, “Now What, Bill?” We were starting with nothing in the the eyes of man.  Bill smiled and said, “God will provide.” Amen! God has provided every year and more! God never orders anything that He has not already paid favor! Amen! Sharon and I Love you Bill and Monica for your love and guidance. Years ago I heard this said of a Pastor, “He is a Pastors Pastor” that is Pastor Bill Ruhl.

Thank you brother Chuck for your tribute……..
How wonderful it is to see this man and know deep in my heart that God Himself led me to him as my pastor. I will go to my grave with unspeakable gratitude and love. A man, yes, but a prophet with a pastor’s heart, who walks the talk, in humility, putting others before himself and shaking off the hurt that so often accompanies his calling. Thank you my brother, my pastor, my friend and ambassador for Christ, right here in Albuquerque! Global Destiny Ministry

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