This Sunday I am blessed to preach at the First Baptist Church in Reserve! If you do not have a Church home we would love to see you!

Years ago Pastor Don Kimbro held a prayer meeting at Heights Christian Church in Albuquerque. Pastor Don has taught me and thousands over the years on prayer. Going to hearing Don teach is better than going to Seminary!

Don taught on the prayer life on Nehemiah! You don’t hear much about Nehemiah in the Church nowadays, but I love Nehemiah and what his life has taught me! What a prayer life!!! I will be sharing on Nehemiah Sunday at 11am at FBC in Reserve! I pray I see you if you do not have a Church home! The following is a great write up on the life of Nehemiah: The life of Nehemiah, the man Behind the Wall

When I managed KKIM radio we had a soundtrack of people of prayer… was to encourage people to pray. Pastor Don gave it to us. The prayer life Nehemiah was part of that message.

I was reading this morning on the life of Rev. John Witherspoon, who also was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence:

Rev. Witherspoon explained:
“The corruption of our nature … is the foundation-stone of the doctrine of redemption.
Nothing can be more absolutely necessary to true religion, than a clear conviction of the sinfulness of our nature and state …”
He continued:
“Men of lax and corrupt principles take great delight in speaking to the praise of human nature, and extolling its dignity, without distinguishing what it was at its first creation from what it is in its present fallen state …
The evil of sin appears from every page of … the history of the world …
Nothing is more plain from Scripture … than that man by nature is in fact incapable of recovery without the power of God specially interposed.”


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