Good Morning Beautiful People… He Is Moving With Power


Good Morning Beautiful People… He Is Moving With Power

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. God tells us when we pray, he hears and he will answer. I just sense in my spirit this morning that this season of our lives we need to thank him for his faithfulness. He is moving across this land in power and might like never before. Despite what it looks like, despite what we think, he will always have the last say. Did he not tell us it is not by might, nor by power, but by his spirit? (Zechariah 4:6). He is the God that sees everything and he tells us that the earth and everyone in it belongs to him (Psalm 24) We need to thank him for fulfilling the visions, the dreams he has placed in every one of us. He desires to fulfill them, but we need to step out in faith. God never handed anything on a platter. Even though there was a battle, it always belonged to him and we build endurance, perseverance and will have the victory if we don’t give up.

What does that victory look like we may ask? It usually is never what we pictured or imagined. We all have our own perceptions, but God has the master plan. Let’s thank him for blowing across this nation like never before. Amen? Amen!

Blow mighty spirit of God. Blow winds of revival from the crown of Maine to seven continents of the world, we pray today.

Father, you said we have not because we don’t ask God. (James 4:2) We have asked, and we asked, and we asked again and did not grow weary in the asking. Father we are ready to receive the greatest outpouring this world has ever known.

Father, we give you all the glory for there is nothing we could ever do to earn or deserve the mercy and grace you have bestowed upon us. We are all saved by the same loving God with the same mercy and grace. Draw all men unto you, we pray.  Amen

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. Thank him today for moving in your town, your city, your nation, your child’s life, your home, your situation and expect the best outcome possible. He is the all powerful omnipotent God and he hears you when you pray.

Great is our Lord and mighty in power. Psalm 147:5

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