The Power of the Holy Spirit Was Present at FBC in Reserve


What an awesome night at FBC in Reserve! Thank You Lord! The folks loved Shari Hardway! It is such a blessing to be connected to Shari’s ministry, The Jesus Chick. I was so super blessed to baptize Eddilu Brown! God bless you sister! Eddilu, you are such a precious soul…a shining light for Jesus…. Thank you Reserve for such a great turn out! PTL!

It was an awesome night in our Lord, a night of unity!

I asked Shari to give me her thoughts on last night……..

It’s hard to believe you can be 1400 miles away from home and yet feel as if you’re apart of a community. Reserve is one such town.  I believe last nights revival meeting was filled with folks desiring to hear from the Spirit of God.  What joy it was to see the fellowship and watch as new converts were excited about life in their walk with Christ. They received the word that Pastor Dewey had for them (that was hard truth) with an open heart.  We (Gloria and I) felt the power of the Spirit of God with Pastor Dewey and his leadership. We know why he does what what he does and we’re so honored to play a part!

God Bless you Sister!

By the way, Shari and Gloria will be at FBC in Glenwood tonight at 6pm.

I thank the Lord for Shari and Gloria, it is so awesome of to partner with Shari and her ministry! I am so inspired by their visit to New Mexico!!!

I am so very grateful for the people of Catron County, I have been circuit preaching in that County for 8 years come December. Beautiful loving people, so many love the Lord, they love His creation, there is something very special about being a rancher…..they are so in touch with God’s glorious ways. Preaching in Catron County, I served on and off for 3 years at FBC in Quemado and I’m coming up on 8 years at FBC in Reserve.It is one of the best educations I have received from our Lord, I beleive that his why the Lord had Pastor Garland Moore call me in December 8 years ago asking me to go to FBC in Reserve. I then met Deacon Charles McCargish of FBC in Reserve, then Deacon Jerry Armstrong of FBC in Quemado…the rest is history……so many friends, so many things that God has taught me about being a Pastor.

I am super blessed in so many ways! All Glory to God!

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