The Most Important Relationship and those in the World


May God Bless you all as you go and and do “Life” today. Don’t let the small things wear you down, there is hope……. that hope comes from Jesus Christ. Do you know Him? Or better yet the question should truly be….. Does He know You and Me? Something I am learning which is actually a life changing lesson which has helped me personally is that word “Relationship”. A real relationship is doubled sided, not 1 sided, if you find yourself pouring 80 to 100% of yourself and the other person pours less then 10% of themselves into the relationship/ friendship then chances are it’s an unhealthy one. Why bring this up Stephen? Well….. this is ,most important when it comes to a relationship with Jesus, do you spend time alone with Him, do you talk to Him, do you only talk to Him when you need something?? Jesus gives us His All… in fact He gives us 100% of Him through the Holy Spirit, yet how much are we pouring into the relationship with Him? We all including Me need to evaluate our lives, relationships and most importantly the one with our Lord…. We are only on this earth for a short time, make the most of it, focus on healthy double sided friendships/ relationships and Keep God first in all things. Evaluate, your life and focus on God’s Peace and the rest will fall in place. Want to know more about Jesus? Ask me or someone you trust, your life will never be the same, I promise. God Bless and Love You All……

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