Russia Warns Syrian Kurds Must Pull Back or Face Turkish Army


Evil………Evil Putin and Erdogan..Both of these so called men are killers, Putin executes his opponents supports worldwide terrorism and Erdogan is no better…This is no good for the future of the Middle East and the WORLD!……Russia taking the lead along with Turkey…….means horrible things are in-store

Russia warns Syrian Kurds must pull back or face Turkish army
Russia warned Syrian Kurdish YPG forces on Wednesday they face further armed conflict with Turkey if they fail to comply with a Russian-Turkish accord calling for their withdrawal from the entire length of Syria’s northeastern border with Turkey.

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Headlines from Jerusalem, 23 October 2019

“The rain fell upon the earth for forty days and forty nights” Genesis 7:12


Soaking Rain Marks Early Beginning of Winter

Israelis were awakened early Wednesday morning to the sounds of thunder and rain as an early winter storm washed the country and began the process of re-filling lakes, streams, rivers and subterranean aquifers after the heat of summer. “We’re at the beginning of fall, therefore temperatures are still nice and warm during the day,” Meteo-Tech forecaster Tzachi Waksman told Ynet. “The rainfall might resume over the weekend and maybe even get colder in the days that follow.”


Russian-Turkish Deal for Syria Announced

The Kremlin issued a statement Wednesday following a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan, saying the two had struck a deal that would see the Syrian Kurdish factions withdrawing their forces from the Turkish border region and redeploying further south under the supervision of Russian and Assad regime troops. The statement added a warning to the Kurdish factions that they had been abandoned by the US, broadly hinting to other US allies in the region that this was unlikely to an isolated case.

Poll Shows Public Shift Against Netanyahu

Amidst speculation that Israel might be headed to yet another Knesset election early next year, a poll was released Tuesday evening showing that a slight majority of voters is ready for Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to replace Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Netanayhu appeared unfazed by the poll, celebrating his 70th birthday on Tuesday with the help of some of his comrades from his days of commanding the IDF General Staff Reconnaissance Unit at the Crusader fortress at Kochav Hayarden National Park in northern Israel.

Israel Blesses the World

A delegation of Israeli health care specialists recently visited the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan to assist the regional government there in improving health services. The specialists from the Israeli health system representatives and Maccabi Health Services are scheduled to make more such trips in the future and be ready for regular consultations as the project, which has been given a $100 million budget, moves forward.

Toyota Partnering with Israeli Venture Capital Firm

In the latest defeat for efforts to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the trading arm of the Toyota Group, announced this week that it is entering into a partnership with Jerusalem-based venture capital crowdfunding platform OurCrowd. “The future belongs to the bold who are implementing game changing technologies,” said Minoru Murata, executive vice president, regional CEO & CTO of Toyota Tsusho. “Our partnership with OurCrowd will bring us these key technologies and leaders to work together on the next generation of global challenges.”


Turkey and the Kurds
James M. Dorsey, BESA

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appears to have miscalculated the fallout of what may prove to be a foolhardy intervention in Syria and neglected alternative options that could have strengthened Turkey’s position without sparking the ire of much of the international community. His strategic error is rooted in a policy of decades of denial of Kurdish identity and suppression of Kurdish cultural and political rights that was more likely to fuel conflict than encourage societal cohesion.


In-depth Analysis of the Crisis in Syria

Brian Katz, a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank’s International Security Program and the Transnational Threats Project, breaks down the situation on the ground following the U.S. decision to pull troops out of northern Syria, discusses where ISIS stands, and offers insights into Russia’s stance of the unfolding situation and what it means for the region.


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