Prayer for California

We are so very thankful for Pastor Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque for leading us in prayer for California. So much of the state is on fire and so many people are without power. This morning I am praying and weeping over California, we have family and friends there. Sharon’s Mom and Brother and Sister and their families live in Elk Grove which is next door to Sacramento.
Prayer for California
Lord, as we hear the news that there are nine severe wildfires in California and now that over a million people are without power, our hearts break for all of those affected by this horrible tragedy. Wrap Your loving arms around all those affected by the fires: Families, Individuals, Firefighters, First Responders and Rescue Workers. Give the firefighters favorable weather as they fight the fires. Protect them and the homeowners as they secure their homes and evacuate their properties and businesses. Reassure everyone of Your peace, power and presence as they process their pain and emotions. We pray that there not be any loss of life and that people will be able to return to their homes quickly along with their electrical power. Give wisdom and direction to the leaders directing the firefighters and the First Responders. We pray these and many more things in Jesus name, Amen ????????
Here is the latest:
Prisoners fight California’s wildfires on the front lines, but get little in return
Inmates save the state about $100 million each year by putting their lives on the line to fight fires, but see little return when they leave prison.

Read in FORTUNE:

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Lost track of all the California fires? Here’s what you need to know
Here are evacuations, school closures and containment numbers for blazes burning across the state.Read in Los Angeles Times:

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Explosive new wildfire drives thousands from homes near Los Angeles
The Maria fire ignited in Ventura County early Thursday night and raced westward, consuming 4,000 acres in just three hours.Read in NBC News: from Apple News

Two new fast-moving wildfires explode in Southern California
New blazes have destroyed homes and prompted mandatory evacuationsRead in CBS News: from Apple News
Wildfires, power outages cause unprecedented disruption in health care across California
Health care leaders say that California wildfires and PG&E’s planned blackouts are disrupting health care delivery in ways they haven’t seen over the course of their careers. Here’s how they work around it.Read in The Sacramento Bee: from Apple News
California fire spares Reagan library, still threatens thousands of homes
Hurricane-strength winds could fan the Easy Fire that is threatening 7,000 homes in California’s Ventura County, the National Weather Service warned.Read in USA TODAY: from Apple News
A new wildfire breaks out in Southern California, threatening Reagan Presidential Library
Gusty winds threatened to spread the Kincade and Getty fires on Wednesday, putting thousands on alert as mass power outages continue in California.Read in USA TODAY: from Apple News
L.A. fire prompts National Weather Service to issue its first-ever “extreme” red flag warning
It’s one word the National Weather Service in Los Angeles doesn’t want Southern California residents to overlook — extreme.Read in CNN: from Apple News
More than 25 million people are under red flag warnings in California as fires burn across the state
More than 25 million people in California are under red flag warnings as firefighters continue to battle blazes throughout the state.Read in CNN: from Apple News
“No end in sight”: California preps for another round of winds as fires continue assault
With an especially fierce round of Santa Ana winds on the way, PG&E is shutting off power for about 605,000 customers in 29 California counties.Read in USA TODAY: from Apple News

Hundreds of thousands forced to evacuate as fires rage across California
Residents who evacuated a sprawling Northern California wildfire were rocked by another slap from Mother Nature – a 3.3 magnitude earthquake.

Read in USA TODAY:

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A new fire has broken out in southern California
A growing brush fire is burning along the 405 Freeway near the Getty Center, prompting mandatory evacuation orders in areas west of the freeway.Read in Los Angeles Times: from Apple News
Nearly 200,000 Californians fled their homes and about a million are in the dark. It likely won’t get better yet
A massive blaze forced nearly 200,000 people out of their homes and a power shutoff left about a million in the dark across Northern California on Sunday.Read in CNN: from Apple News
Hospital Evacuated, Thousands Flee as Wildfire Rages
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Lights begin going out in California as fires roar, force more from homes
More than 2 million people could be in the dark from the precautionary power outages as hurricane-level winds were expected in some parts of Northern California.
Read in NBC News: from Apple News

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