My Hero of Faith: Dr. Charles Stanley Honored for 50 Years in Ministry!


I do not know where to begin in writing how Dr. Charles Stanley has impacted my life! To me he is the best BIBLE TEACHER living! The man has such a a drive at 87 years of age to reach the world for Jesus. His ministry has supported FGGAM since we started 7 years ago. In Touch ministries sends us teaching materials to use as we travel full filling the Great Commission. Dr. Stanley’s teachings are right on the mark! I have been blessed to meet him twice!

What a testimony Dr. Stanley is to all of us! How about you and me? What is our testimony?

Just think of all the lives Dr. Stanley has touched for JESUS!

I came to know the heart of Dr. Stanley’s ministry when I was manager of KKIM Christian radio in Albuquerque. So very easy to work with, some ministries are very ‘stiff’, meaning too much business and not enough ministry!!!! I love Dr. Stanley, he is responsible for much of my growth as a Christian. The man preaches God’s Word and does not go off the trail.

How much time each day do you spend studying God’s Word? Just throwing that out there…..What are you feeding on??? What excuses do you use not to spend an hour a day with God your Creator?

His STUDY BIBLE is the best ever!

I have found that his book on the HOLY SPIRIT really helps people understand the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT!

In October of 1969, Dr. Charles Stanley joined the staff at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. Fifty years later, the church and the city have gone through so many changes, but one thing has remained constant … Dr. Stanley. 50 YEARS!

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