IS ANYBODY MINDING THE STORE!!!???!! U.S. Annual Budget Deficit Nears $1 Trillion With 26% Increase


 It seems to me NOBODY IS MINDING THE STORE! It seems to me the Republicans and Democrats could care less. Shame. What kind future are we handing down to our children? I was taught by my Daddy to leave this earth a better place than I found it. The folks in D.C. must not have gotten that message.

Most of these folks are becoming really good at hating each other, thus, we the people suffer. Most everything in this Country is now based on POLITICS! UGH!

I think they all need a lesson on STEWARDSHIP, When God called me and Sharon to FGGAM, He told us never to go into debt. We have no debt, we pay our bills on time. God told us to be good stewards of the ministry He formed.

Biblical Stewardship

U.S. annual budget deficit nears $1 trillion with 26% increase
The U.S. budget deficit widened to almost $1 trillion in the latest fiscal year, surging to the highest level since 2012 as President Donald Trump cut taxes and boosted spending.

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Facts About U.S. National Debt

U.S. Debt Clock

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