Good Morning Beautiful People… How Much Do You Care? Bring Them To The Table


Good Morning Beautiful People… How Much Do You Care? Bring Them To The Table

Good morning beautiful people. I attended Window to Life, the 17th annual banquet (2019 Darby Alexa Ultrasound Project) for the Pregnancy Care Center a few nights ago, here in the star city of Presque Isle, Maine. The keynote speaker Carroll Conley from the Maine Christian Civic League challenged us with the question, How much do you care?  As he repeated the words at times with his stories from the past, he praised the Catholic people for their steadfastness in defending life. It was us, the Protestants that needed to catch up and eventually we did, or I hope we have.  Whenever he speaks, I listen attentively as he usually always challenges me. I am sure it was the same for the nearly two hundred or more people in attendance that night.

At the last minute I received a call that two teenagers wanted to join around the table that I was hosting that was already full. I sent on a message but responded with, if I had two teens wanting to be there, I would bring them, full table or not. Jesus multiplied the bread and the fishes in the Bible and I have been waiting to see his demonstration of this in my day. I like to take God at his Word. As the tears ran down the face of one of the teen girls that has never been to church and never heard of Jesus, I knew God was in this. The life affirming testimony of mother and daughter moved her with compassion. We prayed around our table for a friend of hers that was struggling with suicidal thoughts, as the meeting continued on without us. What was happening around that table between the generations was priceless.

I have asked myself that question at least a dozen times since that beautiful meeting. How Much Do You Care? Some of my grandkids just left after spending a night. I have been busy trying to get things back in order, so I can remember where I put things.

I ponder my interview being aired today on Destiny Moments with Tammy Jones and her story of how big God was when she needed him. Her mom had passed and soon after, her husband left. She was a broken woman left caring for her two children. I love the faithfulness of God. She prayed with so many that night in her visit here to Aroostook County.

God, I can do more, God, I can do more, I continue to tell him. Show me how. On that note, he has and I gotta run. There’s another project that needs my attention, that needs prayers and my faith. I can do more. How about you? How much do you care? Really? Bring it to the table. Contact your local pregnancy care center today! Every center around this globe needs an ultrasound machine and a home for women in crisis.

Have a blessed day God’s beautiful people. Call on Jesus, all things are possible to those that believe.


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