Godly Decisions



October 16, 2019

Godly Decisions

Hebrews 12:15-17

Any ungodly act—whether it involves lying to a friend, manipulating coworkers to get ahead, or stealing from another person—places emphasis on gratification at any cost. The seemingly ordinary choices involved in such an act can affect the rest of our life. To avoid sacrificing something worthwhile for something with no lasting value, we should guard against these attitudes and actions:

Allowing appetites to rule us—Everyone has inborn needs, such as the desire for food and sleep. While these are natural and God-given, they can become the driving force in our life if we aren’t careful. Believers should have the spiritual fruit of self-control, which governs our yearnings (Gal. 5:22-23).

Being blind to what’s truly valuable—God’s priorities are totally different from what the world considers important. Unless we guard our heart (Prov. 4:23), we can easily be distracted by pursuits with no lasting worth.

Failing to consider consequences—Adam and Eve didn’t contemplate what might ultimately happen if they ate the forbidden fruit; they focused solely on the immediate benefit (Gen. 3:1-19). Nor did Samson think about the repercussions of his interactions with Delilah, and he paid dearly (Judg. 16:16-23). How easy it is to make a rash decision because the immediate benefits seem attractive! The Lord wants us to instead pause, pray, and seek His wisdom before we act.

What decisions are you currently facing? Prayerfully consider what is driving you, and before making choices, think about the potential effects of your actions.

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