Minnesota Man Credits God For His Rescue From Grain Bin


I will always love my hometown and all of Southwestern Minnesota. It is where my Christian foundation was built! My Dad, I am pictured with him above back in the 70’s, and Grandpa Moede served on the Windom Fire Department. My Dad, Wally Moede, back in the 50’s,60’s and 70’s was a leader in southwest Minnesota training conferences of  Fire Departments.  I served on the Osceola, Indiana Fire Department. I loved being a volunteer firefighter, helping people. I saw how much passion my Dad had. Technology has advanced so much, it makes my head spin! Thanks to the new technology firefighters are able to do their work faster, meaning they save more lives. Grain bin accidents are an example.

This story is by the Pipestone County Star of two southwestern Minnesota Fire Departments working together saved a man. So very inspiring!

Farmer Alex Spronk said, “Due to my faith, I believe that God had something to do with it,” he said. “And a lot of credit to the fire department. When I came out the top there were a lot of guys there. It’s not easy or safe work. They worked hard. It’s a credit to them and their training.”

Spronk said he’s never had a serious farm accident before.

“This will be my first and hopefully my last,” he said. “It’s a good ending to a bad story.”

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We love hometown newspapers like the Pipestone County Star! I still subscribe to the Windom, Minnesota Newspaper, the Cottonwood County Citizen and I also write a devotional on a rotation basis with other Pastors in the Citizen. I also write a devo for the Chama, New Mexico Times. Support your hometown newspaper and radio station or stations!

We purchase ‘scripture ads’ in the Citizen and radio time on stations in southwestern Minnesota for our ministry program. See radio times above.

Here is a letter I wrote to the Citizen this month:

Citizen staff invests lives in community

Locally-owned newspapers are disappearing in America.
It is such a blessing the Citizen is locally-owned and the writers all live in Windom.
It is more rare when you have news reporters who live in the town where they report news. When you look at the Citizen staff I see local folks who have invested their lives into the Windom community. That is such a blessing! Not every community is blessed like this!
I have covered news, on and off, since 1978, when I started at the Minnesota State News Network. No longer in the business, I know the difference between good news reporting and bad reporting.
I have managed radio news departments in my years. The Citizen brings excellence to us each week, quality journalism.
I still do news reporting everyday on our ministry website. Why do I bring this up? To remind us how blessed we are and for the appreciation of such a great newspaper that is committed to serving its community.
I have been gone from Windom since 1977. I still subscribe to the Citizen. I love Windom, it is where my Christian foundation was built.
When I show people the Citizen, they are so very impressed by the quality.

- Dewey Moede
Albuquerque, NM

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