Master Your Emotions


So much of what we say and do comes from our emotions. The way to victory over your emotions is to consider yourself crucified. Because this is an ongoing act of your will, the indwelling Christ helps keep the door of the Holy Spirit open and the door of the flesh closed. As you put your old self to death, the Spirit of God gives you new, victorious life. When you do this, you are filled with the Holy Spirit. You are able to live in the Spirit. God takes control of your mind, will, emotions, and therefore, your soul and body.

Sometimes you may beleive that your emotions are so strong that you cannot master them. You may feel that when they sweep over you like a giant tide, you have no choice but to drift along with them. However, you are not helpless in learning to control your emotions. The Holy Spirit can help you when you are tempted to give in to your emotions.

In his book, “MasterLife” Avery T. Willis Jr. maps out a course of action that can help you master your emotions.

Here is Avery’s ACTION Plan:

A cknowledge the emotion

C onsider why you have it

T hank God that He will help you master it

I dentify the Biblical response to it

O bey the Holy Spirit’s leading

N urture the appropriate fruit of the Spirit

As I grow in my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ, this may sound to simple to some, but it is the truth, I find it is all about God, not me, I am to die, the way to victory in life is to consider our flesh crucified. I find more and more that I do not say or do anything without first being prompted by the Holy Spirit. I am not perfect by far, but I strive toward God.

I find most problems that we face in this world are based on emotions. Whether it is marriages, friendships, families, abortion, sex, drugs, finances, workplace problems, Church problems, business problems, etc……emotional based.

How we react determines the outcome.

God is waiting to help you master your emotions.

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