Pastor Dewey Will Not Return to Windom This Year


FGGAM thanks Dave Fjeld of the Cottonwood County Citizen in Windom, Minnesota for his column in last weeks Citizen. Citizen Website, Get to Know Windom, Dewey’s Hometown

As much as he would like to return to Windom in 2019 for a Christian event and celebration, Pastor Dewey Moede says it just won’t be possible this year.
You have no idea how that disappoints the 1974 graduate of Windom Area High School. He has such a love for his hometown and is always eager to bring God’s message to the people of Windom. More on that in a moment.
Although Dewey won’t be returning to Windom to lead a revival, it’s worth noting that his ministry, For God’s Glory Alone Ministries (, is celebrating its seventh anniversary this month. Indeed, seven years ago, Dewey answered God’s call for him to leave his work as general manager of a radio station in Albuquerque, N.M., and set out to start FGGAM.
In short, Dewey walked away from a high-paying job to start something that he had no idea where it was headed. Scary? Maybe for you and me. But for Dewey? Well, it may not have been scary, but he no doubt had plenty of uncertainty in the direction he was about to embark.
He also knew that while his human nature provided uncertainty, he put all of his trust in the Lord, who was calling him to take this leap of faith.
And now, seven years later,
FGGAM is still going very strong.
FGGAM provides encouragement, prayer, news insights, teaching, preaching, counseling services, accountability, Christian entertainment, news commentary, “This is the World we live in,” on the FGGAM website, and more.
If you’re on Facebook and you’re one of Dewey’s friends, you will be tagged with countless stories of encouragement each and every day. I see his posts each day and there are a number of them. If you would like to receive those notes and stories of encouragement and commentary, simply search “For God’s Glory Alone” and like them.
But Dewey’s work doesn’t stop there. Each Sunday, he rises at 3 or 4 a.m., to make the drive from Albuquerque to Reserve, N.M. – a three-plus-hour trip – to preach at a small church in Reserve. I know some of those winter trips can be hazardous. However, God safely brings him to Reserve and brings him home again each week. (At the present Dewey is preaching in Reserve every first and third Sunday, but sometimes more than that, depending on the needs of the Church. In the meantime he has been preaching in Albuquerque when not in Reserve)
Why does he take an entire Sunday to preach in a small church more than three hours away? Because he answers God’s call – and he does it with a big, beautiful smile.
Dewey will be the first to tell you that none of this would be possible, though, without the great woman who’s selflessly behind every man. In Dewey’s case, that’s his wife, Sharon. I’ve met Sharon only once, but she’s a very humble and kind person and I know she provides the human strength and encouragement he needs to continue God’s work. And, to Dewey’s credit, he is always quick to publicly thank her for it.
Dewey may not be returning to Windom this year, but you can read and hear his words of encouragement each week. Twice a month he has a verse that he shares with readers in an ad in the Citizen, paid for by FGGAM.
Last week’s message, for instance, was from Psalm 34:8: “The Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” (New International Version)
Again, Dewey grew up a radio guy and has been on the radio most of his life. You can hear his words of encouragement each Sunday at 7:45 a.m., on KDOM. He has a short message he shares with listeners each week.
Dewey, congratulations on seven years of not only bringing God’s word to the people of New Mexico and Windom, but for offering the world a Christian perspective on news – both good and bad – that we can digest.
Keep up the good work, Dewey – or more correctly, keep up God’s work.

We all here at TEAM JESUS thank Dave and the Citizen for their awesome love! We are thankful to the entire staff!

After Pastor Dewey’s visit to FBC in Reserve yesterday:

JoAnn Young Enjoy listening to this man. Doesn’t whitewash anything tells it like it is.

Jennifer Looper Thank you Pastor Dewey for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Sandra Bivens doing what you do best spreading the word

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