THANK YOU JESUS! GOD IS GOOD! What a Journey it Has Been!

This is such an AWESOME testimony! WOW! Thank you Pastor Alfonso Antillon for sharing with us!!! We love you and Patricia!

Thank You Jesus! GOD IS GOOD!

To God be the Glory!

What a journey it’s been. Back in 2003 a little after Patricia and I got married the doctors told me I would not make it past 6 months if I didn’t do something about my weight. So I lost a bunch of weight. In 2004 we had to file bankruptcy because I had to much credit card debt. We moved to Boise Idaho Thinking we could leave our problems here but they followed us. During that time I was involved deeply involved in sin. The ending of 2005 we decided to move back to Albuquerque. My sin got worse, my world was so dark but my wife never stopped praying for me. In 2007 I divorced my wife because my sin was revealed. I continued in my sin but was open about it at this time. Four months later I got saved, gave my life to Jesus! My wife’s prayers finally are being answered. I got help at my church for all the issues I had. I needed help. One night as I was praying the Holy Spirit made it very clear to me that My marriage is not over. So I began praying that God would turn me into the husband that my needs. Eight months later I proposed to my wife in my mentors office and we got married. God is so good! We served faithfully in the church we attended till the Lord had my wife and I plant the church. Exactly one month before we planted Majesty Worship Center I got really sick and was on life support. The doctors gave me a 20% chance of making it. Thank God I’m married to a prayer warrior. Hallelujah! I was still able to preach on our opening Good Friday Service after being in the Hospital for 14 days. One year ago the Holy Spirit let me know again my weight was getting out of control. Now I take my life more seriously. This is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I just want to encourage all who take the time to read this. There is value in your life and there is a purpose. Never give up.

God bless you you all.

Pastor Alfonso Antillon

Alfonso Antillon


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