PAY ATTENTION AMERICA: First Russian-Chinese Air Patrol in Asia-Pacific Draws Shots From South Korea


We here in America are so busy fighting each other…….there is so much going on in the world that threatens the safety of all. WORLD POWERS: I have said for years and years watch evil Putin’s Russia and evil China attempt to take control……..but for years all we do is fight each other and in Washington nothing gets done…..the peoples business has been stalled for years…….both parties are at fault, they only care about themselves and power! The immigration problem is the fault of Republicans and Democrats, who have failed to address this issue for years and years!

Why do we report on news like this? We stand for truth! We stand for freedom! We stand for God’s people and their safety! We do not stand for any political party! Amen!

America has taken its eye of the ball, as we say in baseball, and that is not good, when you do that, you strike out!

The folks in D.C. do not take responsibility for anything…..awful role models for our children! The words they spew from their lips, the cuss words, the awful, awful words……I have never seen such a mess. Pray for our children, they are growing up with a messed up government.

First Russian-Chinese air patrol in Asia-Pacific draws shots from South Korea
Russia carried out what it said was its first long-range joint air patrol in the Asia-Pacific region with China on Tuesday, a mission that triggered hundreds of warning shots, according to South Korean officials, and a strong protest from Japan.

Read in Reuters:

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